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Give A Bear

Donate Gifts


Although our teddy bears can make a worlds difference, we also accept:

  • Toys

  • Electronics (iPads/game systems)

  • Gas cards

  • Arts and craft items

​For our contact information, click HERE.


“Even during isolation, when my mom wasn’t able to be by my side, my teddy bear could.” - Kasie Forman

Donate a teddy bear to the Kidz fighting cancer today. You will also have the opportunity to write a special letter that will be attached to the bear and hand delivered to the kidz!


“You can become part of the SMILE!”


Do you have a special talent you'd like to share with us? Looking to donate some of your time to a great cause? Click below to fill out a form because we are always looking for helping hands!


Click HERE to view our calendar of events.

We host events such as:

  • Pizza & movie nights

  • Family Fun Events 

  • Teddy bear delivery

  • Dream Adventure Partner Weekends

  • And much more!


Wear Our Gear

Support and spread the word by wearing our gear! From bracelets to t-shirts, you can rock the Kasie Helpz Kidz logo anywhere! Make sure to check out all of our merchandise by clicking the botton below!

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